About BigLever

The Product Line Engineering Pioneers.

Give me a lever big enough and I’ll move the world.

The complexity of how product lines are engineered grows, every day. The burning question is — how can we tame this mounting complexity? Archimedes had the right idea. His approach was to use a “simple machine” to solve a complex problem. He discovered the principle of “mechanical advantage” in the lever. BigLever found inspiration in this simple, yet breakthrough, concept.

We took the fundamentals of the Archimedes lever and translated it into a different way — a simpler way — of creating, delivering, maintaining, and evolving complex product line portfolios… Feature-based Product Line Engineering (PLE). 

With BigLever’s Feature-based PLE approach, you have a lever big enough to move your world — in ways you never imagined possible. 

That lever is the Feature-based PLE Factory.

With your PLE Factory, you can apply a small force to produce a massive result.

That result is your competitive advantage.

About BigLever

Industry leadership.

As the founding fathers of PLE, BigLever’s CEO and VP of Customer Success are acknowledged thought leaders in the PLE field. Under this leadership, BigLever consistently leads the industry — pushing the edge of the PLE envelope — by bringing to market new PLE advances and innovations.

Strategic insight and guidance.

BigLever has unparalleled expertise in collaborating with business and technical leaders to translate strategic objectives into proven PLE approaches that enable the expansion and evolution of your product line based on market opportunities and revenue optimization. 

Highly acclaimed successes.

Our customers have received industry recognition for their breakthrough achievements in establishing leading-edge PLE practices. Five of BigLever’s customers are inductees into the Systems and Software Product Line Engineering Hall of Fame. 

Holistic onePLE solution.

BigLever’s onePLE is the industry’s only holistic solution to enable rapid and effective PLE adoption by an organization of any size. It combines state-of-the-art PLE technology and methods with the business strategy and organizational change needed to establish a highly successful PLE practice.

Mature product and patented technology.

BigLever’s patented Gears technology is easy to learn, deploy and use – and integrates easily with your existing assets, tools and processes. Gears provides the technology foundation for our onePLE solution and the PLE Ecosystem.

PLE Ecosystem and integrations.

Through alliances with world class tool providers, BigLever has established the PLE Ecosystem which offers your organization consistent, compatible, fully unified PLE solutions. We provide off-the-shelf Bridge integrations for leading tools across the lifecycle.

BigLever’s Background

Founded in 1999, BigLever is the pioneer of the leading-edge Feature-based PLE approaches that are enabling the emergence of PLE as a mainstream engineering discipline.

With decades of research and development, the field of software product lines — characterized as first generation — helped establish an initial foundation for the creation of a new generation of PLE tools and methods. Yet, many organizations experienced significant challenges and obstacles in translating these new concepts and early-stage methods into commercial practice. 

From its inception, BigLever’s prime directive has been to simplify and evolve these early methods, create robust off-the-shelf tooling, and bring a holistic approach to removing the adoption barriers common with first generation approaches. We’ve led the evolution of PLE by combining our industry-standard Gears technology, full suite of Bridge integrations, and proven 3-Tiered PLE methodology with the business strategy and organizational change needed to enable companies to successfully establish and operate a Feature-based PLE Factory.

Through our state-of-the-art PLE methods and tools, BigLever enables organizations to embrace a fully unified, automated approach for feature-based variant management. We work diligently to continue to extend Feature-based PLE across the enterprise including engineering and operations disciplines, and software, electrical, and mechanical domains.

Most importantly, BigLever leads this emergence of PLE into the mainstream by helping some of the world’s largest, most forward thinking organizations increase their competitive advantage through PLE innovations.