BigLever Customers

We succeed when you succeed.

Our customers are unique — yet, they have something important in common.

Each BigLever customer has its own unique objectives, strategies and initiatives — as well as distinctive organizational personalities and technical environments. Yet, we’ve found that they share a common characteristic, and a common goal.

That common characteristic is boldness — the bold desire and drive to push beyond the limits of traditional thinking and traditional approaches, to pursue a new way of operating that redefines the fundamentals of how they create, deliver, evolve, and compete with their product lines.

Their shared goal is competitiveness — the ability to truly “engineer” their own competitive advantage by breaking through the previous constraints of their engineering capacity to pursue their business goals in a way that just wasn’t possible before. That’s why these companies embrace Feature-based Product Line Engineering (PLE). That’s why they choose to work with BigLever.

At BigLever, we call it the “discontinuous jump”.

The exciting thing about discontinuous jumps is that they open up new frontiers, offering new possibilities that could not be conceived of under traditional approaches.

With Feature-based PLE, the scale of a product line and the scope of diversity within that product line can be based on business opportunities and profitability — rather than impeded by the mounting complexity and limitations imposed by traditional approaches. The windows of possibility, and profitability, open much wider when an organization takes the leap to PLE.

Customer Success Spotlight

Worlds #1 Defense Contractor

AEGIS Weapon System

High cost of old approach threatened loss of entire contract.

With PLE, more than 100 ship deployments — $47 million saved annually.

> See case study.

Worlds #3 Defense Contractor

Live Training Transformation: US Army, Air Force, Marines

Innovative low-cost solution essential to win/keep major contract.

With PLE, more than 300 training range deployments: $800 million saved over 12 years.

> See case study.

World Leading Auto Manufacturer

More than 10,000,000 product instances per year

Vehicles taking too long to engineer: expensive, error-prone processes.

With PLE, projected effort avoidance — hundreds of person-years annually.

> See case study.

World’s #2 Data Storage Provider

High-end server storage systems

Unable to accommodate rapid market growth.

With PLE, 2x-5x improvements in scalability, productivity, time-to-market, and product quality.

> See case study.

World Leader in Online Vacation Property Rentals

E-commerce websites hosted in over 200 countries worldwide

Broad site variation around the world; needed to go live ASAP.

With PLE, first product went live in 60 days.

> See case study.

World Leading Aviation Supplier

Whole-aircraft avionics product line

High cost of product certification.

With PLE, 8:1 improvement in time to produce certification documents.

Product Line Engineering across industry sectors.

BigLever has played an instrumental role in the industry’s most notable PLE deployments, working in collaboration with some of the world’s largest forward thinking organizations across a spectrum of industries from aerospace and defense to automotive, aviation, energy, e-commerce, data storage, and more.

In addition to our long-standing customer relationships, we consistently undertake new engagements that continue to broaden the boundaries of PLE — extending its reach into an ever-widening array of industry sectors and product arenas.