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Featured Coverage  How Sharing Can Prevent Digital Transformation from Unraveling

December 2022

Organizations around the globe continue to advance into the new digital age. They’re transforming manual business and engineering operations into their digital counterparts using computer models rather than documents, digital twins to predict and track the performance of products and systems, and much more.

Precise digital representations of business and engineering processes and information are at the heart of this new paradigm.

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August 2022

One of a company’s greatest assets is the vast experience, knowledge and wisdom accumulated within the organization. This wealth of information—often called institutional memory or tacit knowledge—exists within staff across organizations, from product engineers to accountants. Tacit knowledge can be the company’s secret weapon and a powerful competitive advantage. Yet in an age where digital transformation is a must, this knowledge can be just as powerful an inhibitor when it comes to efficiency and adaptability.

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July 2021

It has been a few years since has discussed product line engineering (PLE). To those unfamiliar with the topic, it’s an engineering workflow architecture that was first created in the 1990s as a method to streamline the lifecycle of whole product families.

Recently, this concept received a boost in the engineering world thanks to the release of ISO/IEC 26580, Software and systems engineering — methods and tools for the feature-based approach to software and systems product line engineering .

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Design News: Is a Single Production Line Better Than Multiple Ones? Organizations Need to Know

May 2021

Product Line Engineering (PLE) has a growing role in systems engineering, digital engineering, and manufacturing production processes. This point was emphasized at a recent International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE) conference.

A PLE approach allows companies to build a product line portfolio as a single production system rather than a multitude of individual products. As a result, this approach promises big improvements over the traditional product-center engineering strategy.

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Aerospace Manufacturing and Design: 2021 Forecast

February 2021

Recovery in commercial aircraft demand depends on controlling the coronavirus pandemic. Discretionary air travel drives most transport aircraft needs, and until people feel confident in traveling and governments allow it, the commercial aerospace supply chain must focus on survival.

Despite federal plans to boost COVID-19 vaccination production, President Joe Biden says it will take until late summer to treat most Americans, leaving the possibility of some resumption of air travel demand later this year. Domestic air travel will lead the way, as demonstrated in Asia-Pacific nations and in the U.S. in late 2020.

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