BigLever Careers

Help us make our PLE vision happen.

As the Product Line Engineering field grows, so does BigLever.

We create and maintain an engaging and vibrant working environment by building a team of unique individuals who bring a special kind of expertise — and an unwavering commitment to doing the things that matter with concerted precision, focus and care.


BigLever seeks individuals who have the following qualities:

  • Proven stars with the ability, creativity, passion, and initiative to be consistently successful
  • Dynamic, well-rounded individuals who know how to optimize their professional performance by optimizing their individual work/life balance
  • Gracious and humble professionals who believe that the best way to succeed is to help others succeed

We are always looking for preeminent, experienced, industry professionals with proven expertise, instincts, and drive to help achieve our mission to revolutionize the systems and software engineering field with leading-edge PLE innovation.


Position: Principal Software Engineer

BigLever seeks a smart, motivated, talented, personable, self-directed, and highly skilled Software Engineer with broad and deep experience designing, implementing, evolving, and owning responsibility for commercial systems and software engineering tools. You will create, maintain, and support features in high-value commercial products implementing BigLever’s innovative technical framework, APIs, and user interfaces.

As a principal software engineer in a small company, you will assume a high impact, high profile, and high autonomy role, wear many hats, have ample opportunity to grow, and report directly to the Vice President of Engineering. You will interact with lead engineers from our customers and partners who are responsible for complex systems and product engineering at industry-leading companies in aerospace, defense, automotive, manufacturing, computer systems, medical systems, engineering tools, and more.

BigLever is a uniquely inspired small company of smart and gracious technical innovators and pioneers at the leading edge of the emerging engineering discipline of Systems and Software Product Line Engineering (PLE). You will join a team that is recognized worldwide for revolutionizing the PLE industry with game changing technology and services, offering remarkable engineering improvements, strategic business benefits, and unprecedented return-on-investment (ROI) for some of the world’s largest and most sophisticated product engineering companies such as Lockheed Martin, General Motors, General Dynamics, and many more.

Primary Objectives

  • Help fulfill the high demand for innovative and valuable new products in the core BigLever product suite.
  • Assume responsibility to skillfully design, implement, verify, deploy, and evolve new features while improving the usability and performance of existing features.
  • Assure that your solutions can be efficiently and effectively deployed into successful commercial practice.
  • Continue to expand our Engineering capability for high quality, on-time product deliveries that exceed the business critical needs of our high profile Fortune 500 customers.
  • Actively engage with and support areas in the BigLever organization that enable commercialization of your solutions, including Customer Success (consulting services), Marketing (events and press & analyst communications), Sales (lead capture), Product Management (solution requirements and customer use cases), and Engineering (engineering processes and portfolio-wide evolution).

Responsibilities and Tasks

  • Design, implement, verify, and deploy software for the features and improvements that you own, along with supporting artifacts:
    • Create automated tests, build scripts, and commercial grade installers.
    • Create user documentation and compelling demonstrations.
  • Work with Product Management to collaboratively capture, analyze, define, scope, and estimate enhancement requests and defect reports, including release plans and announcements.
  • Contribute to our DevOps environment to continually streamline how we release and deliver products.
  • Work with Customer Success to ensure effective customer adoption and provide support for technical issues that require deep engineering expertise.
  • Investigate, analyze, identify, and reproduce software issues and recommend short-term and long-term solutions.
  • Occasional travel in support of:
    • Efficient and effective deployment of your solutions at strategic customers.
    • BigLever presence at partner and industry conferences.



  • Education: Engineering or Computer Science degree from a respected college or university.
  • Place of residence: Greater Austin, Texas metropolitan area.
  • Software Engineering experience:
    • Well established career building and maintaining high-quality, robust, sophisticated technical software, with advanced programming languages and frameworks including Java.
    • Principal or lead software engineer for the design, implementation, verification, debugging, deployment, evolution, and support of commercial software products.
  • Systems and Software Engineering skills (Depth in some and exposure to some others from the following):
    • Requirements management tools and methods,
    • Systems and software architecture,
    • Model-based Systems Engineering (MBSE) tools and methods,
    • Version, configuration, and temporal management tools and methods,
    • System, subsystem, and component verification and validation (V&V),
    • Traceability across the systems and software engineering lifecycle,
    • Change management tools and methods,
    • Engineering processes and governance,
    • Debugging complex systems, subsystems, and components,
    • Document design and management tools,
    • Writing high quality technical and user documentation,
    • Mechanical, electrical, and/or software implementation tools and methods,
    • Product Line Engineering (PLE) tools and methods,
    • Both a generalist and a specialist, with focused attention to detail.


  • Education: Advanced degree in Engineering or Computer Science.
  • Experience:
    • Creating engineering software tools for mechanical, electrical, or software engineers.
    • Designing, implementing, and maintaining desktop GUI applications, especially using Java Swing.
    • Designing, implementing, and maintaining Angular-based applications.
    • Designing, implementing and maintaining systems that integrate with one or more 3rd-party software applications.
    • Designing and implementing performance enhancements based on performance metrics and diagnostic data.
    • Creating and operating automated DevOps environments.
  • Skills:
    • A love of learning – technologies, methodologies, engineering disciplines, markets, and techniques.
    • A teacher and a mentor, with good written and verbal communication skills.

Compensation and Benefits

  • Very competitive compensation package, including health care and equity.
  • Open vacation policy and paid sick time.
  • Be part of a team of world-class thought leaders in a small company poised to dominate the rapidly emerging global PLE market.
  • Work with industry thought leaders and practitioners in some of the world’s most sophisticated product and systems engineering organizations.


BigLever Work Environment

BigLever offers a creative and flexible environment with an open, positive, and energized culture. We make a point to be available to each other to cooperatively examine problems and find solutions. We find that the best way to succeed is to help others succeed, both inside of BigLever and outside at our customers.

At BigLever, we value and reward independence, initiative, and responsibility. We are a distributed team – you will work from home, co-working spaces, or wherever you perform best.

BigLever is a small company delivering high value to large companies. This means we must operate very efficiently with low overhead and very effectively with minimal errors and rework. This introduces some extra requirements and demands on all of us:

  • Small company experience. Working in a small company means you have to take on additional responsibilities without extensive overhead support. You should have a positive past experience working in a small company environment. You must have a positive willingness to help carry the load on some of the administrative tasks.
  • Virtual office experience: Distributed teams and a virtual office is very effective for some people and not others. You must have a positive past experience working independently, with electronic chat, e-mail, audio, and web meetings being the primary forms of team interaction.
  • High quality execution. To maintain our reputation with large customers, you and all of us must have the ability to consistently deliver on-time and error-free e-mails, proposals, software releases, product documentation, and other work products, projects, and processes.

Resumes and Inquiries

Please submit your resume to to apply. Let us know if you have any questions regarding this position or other career opportunities at BigLever.