BigLever Careers

Help us make our PLE vision happen.

As the Product Line Engineering field grows, so does BigLever.

We create and maintain an engaging and vibrant working environment by building a team of unique individuals who bring a special kind of expertise — and an unwavering commitment to doing the things that matter with precision, focus and care. 

BigLever seeks individuals who have the following qualities:

  • Proven stars with the ability, creativity, passion, and initiative to be consistently successful
  • Dynamic, well-rounded individuals who know how to optimize their professional performance by optimizing their individual work/life balance
  • Gracious and humble professionals who believe that the best way to succeed is to help others succeed

We are always looking for experienced, industry professionals with proven expertise, instincts, and drive to help achieve our mission to revolutionize the systems and software engineering field with leading-edge PLE innovation.


Open Positions

BigLever Work Environment

BigLever offers a creative and flexible environment with an open, positive, and energized culture. We make a point to be available to each other to cooperatively examine problems and find solutions. We find that the best way to succeed is to help others succeed, both inside of BigLever and outside at our customers.

At BigLever, we value and reward independence, initiative, and responsibility. We are a distributed team – you will work from home, co-working spaces, or wherever you perform best.

BigLever is a small company delivering high value to large companies. This means we must operate very efficiently with low overhead and very effectively with minimal errors and rework. This introduces some extra requirements and demands on all of us:

  • Small company experience. Working in a small company means you have to take on additional responsibilities without extensive overhead support. You should have a positive past experience working in a small company environment. You must have a positive willingness to help carry the load on some of the administrative tasks.
  • Virtual office experience: Distributed teams and a virtual office is very effective for some people and not others. You must have a positive past experience working independently, with electronic chat, e-mail, audio, and web meetings being the primary forms of team interaction.
  • High quality execution. To maintain our reputation with large customers, you and all of us must have the ability to consistently deliver on-time and error-free e-mails, proposals, software releases, product documentation, and other work products, projects, and processes.

Resumes and Inquiries

Please submit your resume to to apply. Let us know if you have any questions regarding this position or other career opportunities at BigLever.