AUSTIN, Texas – May 31, 2022BigLever Software, the long-standing leader in Product Line Engineering (PLE) and Vitech, a leading global provider of Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) and digital engineering solutions, announced today the emergence of a technology collaboration between the two firms. The alliance brings together two companies leading Digital Transformation for some of the world’s largest organizations. The integration of complementary technologies and methodologies provides a seamless transition to elevate Systems Engineering to System Family Engineering. This empowers a Precision Digital Engineering™ “path to the future”, leveraging the power of both MBSE and Feature-Based PLE.

 Vitech is renowned for their high fidelity MBSE technology while BigLever is revered for their formalized PLE technology. The integration of their technologies results in a synergistic, industry-unique Precision Digital Engineering solution.

 “Organizations developing a product line of similar products or systems frequently struggle with the complexity of digital engineering in combination with system family engineering, stemming from non-digital approaches to engineering, such as spreadsheets, documents, clone-and-own, and tribal knowledge, resulting in low-value replicative work, miscommunication, and errors.”, states Dr. Charles Krueger, CEO and founder at BigLever Software. “Precision Digital Engineering is the remedy. Integrating Vitech’s GENESYS MBSE platform with BigLever’s Gears Feature-Based PLE framework provides the industry’s most exacting Digital Engineering solution.”

Enrique Krajmalnik, Vitech’s president shares “Creating a digital thread from architecture to design is foundational. Mastering the variability of those architectures and how they translate into product and system design is challenging, and we believe BigLever is the right company to help bring Precision Digital Engineering to the market. As organizations continue their journey to digitalization, integrated technologies such as those from Vitech and BigLever will be key in realizing true digital engineering.”

BigLever and Vitech will be demonstrating the joint solution at the upcoming Integrate22 Symposium in San Antonio, Texas June 6th -9th and Dr. Krueger will speak at the event. To learn more, visit the event website or contact BigLever.

About Vitech, A Zuken Company
For more than 25 years, Vitech has delivered Systems Engineering expertise in the form of software, training, and services to manage complex systems for government agencies, private and public companies, and universities across the globe. Vitech’s GENESYS™ software embraces the holistic aspects of systems engineering, unlike siloed approaches and products that mask critical context and system interactions. Vitech’s model-based systems engineering (MBSE) approach enables teams to clearly define complex systems, from problem identification through requirements, and architecture. The result is a team empowered to engineer with confidence, free to focus on creativity, innovation, and analysis to effectively deliver against stakeholder needs. For more information, visit

 About BigLever Software

BigLever Software pioneered feature-based product line engineering (PLE) and led the charge to establish the international standard ISO/IEC 26580. From midsize companies to the world’s largest enterprises, BigLever helps make engineering complex system families simpler and more competitive. Its holistic onePLE solution empowers rapid adoption of PLE to effectively manage the proliferation of product line variants. By automating the creation and management of digital assets in its PLE Factory, BigLever does more than solve an engineer’s most consuming problem. It delivers extraordinary benefits to the entire business: more high-quality products in less time, more cost-effectiveness and scalability, more customer satisfaction and loyalty, and more retention of the best talent — empowering more ROI for your PLE investment. For more information, visit or follow BigLever on LinkedIn.