For businesses to be competitive, today's product development organizations must deliver a product line – a portfolio of similar products or systems with variations in features and functions – rather than just an individual product. Systems and Software Product Line Engineering (PLE) is an innovative approach that enables organizations to develop, deliver, maintain and evolve an entire product line portfolio through each stage of the lifecycle – from requirements to design, development and testing – with much higher degrees of efficiency than have been possible before.

sharingPragmatic Product Line Engineering Solutions for Systems and Software

BigLever Software™ brings you Gears, the industry-standard product line engineering tool and lifecycle framework for systems and software. With Gears, you can manage your entire product line portfolio as a single, automated production system – much like a manufacturing factory – that utilizes product feature profiles to automatically assemble and configure the assets needed to engineer and produce your product line.

This single production system approach enables your engineering organization to transition from conventional product-centric practices to highly efficient product line engineering using the latest new generation approaches. As a result, the business side of your organization can leverage dramatic engineering improvements to successfully target and hit new market windows, and ultimately, achieve greater profitability.