AUSTIN, Texas – October 14, 2020 – BigLever Software, the long-standing leader in Product Line Engineering (PLE), today announced that it has partnered with Intland Software to deliver a bridge that integrates Intland’s codeBeamer ALM with BigLever’s industry-standard Gears PLE Lifecycle Framework™. The codeBeamer/BigLever Gears Bridge™ will combine the capabilities of each solution to enhance product quality, increase efficiency, and reduce cycle time by capitalizing on commonality and variations in product line requirements.

As the newest member of BigLever’s PLE Tool Ecosystem, this new bridge integration will allow Intland’s codeBeamer to operate seamlessly, efficiently and effectively as part of the unified PLE lifecycle toolsets in use by a growing number of organizations across industry sectors. The PLE Ecosystem allows product line engineers to continue to work in the tools and technology environments to which they are accustomed — while making those tools “product line aware.”

“Increasing product sophistication and diversity creates enormous challenges for organizations dealing with the complexity of managing product family variation across the interconnected engineering and operations lifecycle,” said Dr. Charles Krueger, BigLever Software CEO. “Feature-based PLE addresses these challenges by providing one unified solution for managing variation based on features, from software to electrical and mechanical domains. Intland’s agile, intuitive codeBeamer ALM platform is a vital addition to our open ecosystem of world-class tool providers. There’s growing demand for their modern requirements solution among the organizations that are adopting PLE in safety-critical industries.”

“We’re seeing a significant spike in customer interest and desire for new approaches to managing the variation that exists across the products in their product families,” said Andreas Pabinger, Vice President, Automotive Business Unit, Intland Software. “Intland is pleased to team with BigLever to bring the benefits of product line engineering to our growing customer base. This partnership, and the combined synergy of our best-of-breed solutions, is particularly important for allowing us to deliver this essential value to our customers in complex safety-critical industries.”

Some of the world’s largest forward-thinking organizations, including leading automotive and A&D manufacturers, are using feature-based PLE to achieve order-of-magnitude improvements in time to market, efficiency, product line scalability and quality. PLE’s leading-edge approach allows companies to establish a “single source of feature truth” for an entire product family – eliminating the need for multiple feature management mechanisms across tools, processes and organizational functions. This breaks down organizational silos, improves communication and dramatically reduces time, effort and errors.

About the codeBeamer ALM/BigLever Gears Bridge

BigLever’s Gears PLE Lifecycle Framework provides the technology foundation for the open ecosystem of PLE tool makers and integration solutions. Built on the PLE Bridge API provided by Gears, the new BigLever Bridge will extend Intland codeBeamer by making it “product line aware,” which ensures consistent PLE capabilities and enables the execution of PLE operations from within codeBeamer ALM menus. Organizations can utilize codeBeamer requirements as first-class engineering assets in Gears, and Gears variation point constructs as first-class mechanisms for managing product line diversity in Intland’s codeBeamer ALM.