AUSTIN, Texas – November 10, 2020 – BigLever Software, the long-standing leader in Product Line Engineering (PLE), today announced that it has released its latest version of GearsTM to enhance  the user experience. Gears is the enabling technology behind BigLever’s Industry Leading Product Line Engineering Solution, which manages variation in complex product lines across engineering and operational disciplines.

Among its new features, BigLever introduced a standard user interface (UI) for the PLE Bridge integrations in the BigLever PLE Ecosystem. This UI makes it easier for users in operations and other parts of the organization, as well as engineers, to use Gears.

Following are highlights of the new functionality:

  1. Standard User Interface (UI) for the PLE Bridges in the BigLever PLE Ecosystem – all partner bridge integrations will now share a common UI provided by the Gears PLE Bridge Framework. This Ecosystem, comprising industry leading engineering tools for requirements, model-based systems engineering, mechanical, electrical, and software design, test case development, documentation, and other disciplines will now present users with a common interface, supplied by the Gears API, to perform advanced PLE operations. This delegated UI approach enhances cross-team collaboration by providing a consistent and optimized user experience across all of the engineering disciplines in the organization.
  2. HTML Variation Point Support – This latest upgrade expands the list of file formats that will benefit from its advanced variation point constructs. In addition to plain text, Word, and Excel files, Gears now provides first class support for HTML documents. HTML variation points can now leverage the industry leading PLE capabilities in Gears for pattern substitution, block pattern visibility, and table support.

Currently customers can download this new release through the Customer Portal on BigLever’s website or contact our Support Team at