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Analyst Webinar: Product Line Engineering (PLE) — Increasing Competitive Advantage by Reducing Complexity Across the Lifecycle

Presented by Tech-Clarity and BigLever


As the sophistication of manufactured, software-intensive products continually advances, the associated engineering and operational complexity and risk grow right alongside the business opportunities. The mounting complexity spans the full lifecycle – from portfolio planning to engineering, manufacturing, sales, and service.

This webinar — presented by Michelle Boucher, Tech-Clarity Vice President and Dr. Charles Krueger, BigLever CEO — addresses the need for a unified approach across three key disciplines: product line engineering (PLE) for managing product variation; application lifecycle management (ALM) for managing software-intensive systems; and product lifecycle management (PLM) for managing mechanically intensive systems and operations.

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News Releases

BigLever Names PLE Guru Randy Pitz as Vice President Customer Success

AUSTIN, Texas – December 13, 2021 – BigLever Software, the long-standing leader in Product Line Engineering (PLE), announced today that Randy Pitz, formerly of Boeing, has joined BigLever‘s executive team as the new Vice President of Customer Success. Pitz is a Boeing...