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BigLever White Paper: The Systems and Software Product Line Engineering Lifecycle Framework


Mainstream forces are driving Systems and Software Product Line Engineering (PLE) approaches to take a more holistic perspective that is deeply integrated into the systems and software engineering lifecycle. PLE challenges will not be solved at any one stage in the product engineering lifecycle, nor will they be solved in independent and disparate silos in each of the different stages of the lifecycle.

This paper describes BigLever Software’s response to these forces – a PLE Lifecycle Framework. The motivation for this technology framework is to ease the integration of tools, assets, and processes across the full systems and software engineering lifecycle.

The framework provides product line engineers with a common set of PLE concepts and constructs for all of their tools and assets, at every stage of the lifecycle, and to assure that product line engineering traceability and processes flow cleanly from one stage of the lifecycle to another.

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