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Systems and Software Product Line Engineering with BigLever Software Gears

This video provides an introductory overview of Systems and Software Product Line Engineering (PLE). It highlights how PLE and BigLever Software Gears open new frontiers in innovation, economy of scale, competitive advantage and profitability, impacting the fundamentals of how companies compete with their product lines.

Second Generation Product Line Engineering Takes Off in Aerospace and Defens

This video provides insight into how Second Generation Product Line Engineering is rapidly gaining traction in the Aerospace and Defense realm. It features two multi-billion-dollar high-visibility PLE success stories that illustrate the substantial and tangible benefits that are being achieved by both Department of Defense contractors and Program Offices.

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Schedule a Live Gears Demonstration

To learn more about Product Line Engineering, BigLever's Gears solution, and our pragmatic PLE methods, schedule a live, interactive product demonstration. This demo, provided via WebEx and phone, can be personalized 'on the fly' for you and your team as needed.

Please notify BigLever at to request a demonstration.