This month, BigLever held its inaugural symposium, Momentum 2021, with the theme “Product Line Engineering in the New Digital Age”.

There were twelve very informative presentations on the future of product line engineering as a leading driver in digital transformation. All sessions featured world-class leading experts in the industry’s steadfast advancement into the new digital age — digital engineering, model-based systems engineering (MBSE), organizational change management for digital transformation, digital supply chain, Feature-based PLE, and more.

I want to provide you the opportunity to take advantage of all this leading-edge information. In this 12-part blog series, I’ll provide a brief synopsis of each of these remarkable sessions, with a link, so that you can watch the full video of any session that you find interesting.

In this first of twelve presentations, I introduce David Long of Vitech, presenting Beyond Digital: Bridging the Divide. David is the founder and president of Vitech. He is focused on helping organizations increase their systems engineering proficiency, particularly in Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) and digital engineering.

David’s presentation gives us a systems engineer’s perspective on the new digital age, particularly related to current-day engineering complexity that has exceed the capabilities of pre-digital engineering approaches. He explained that the broad systems engineer’s view of digital transformation is much more than the digital technology used to implement it. David shows how human and business factors such as cultural resistance to organizational change are equally important to success.

If you have ever felt your organization’s “immune response” kick in to try to neutralize new engineering initiatives, check out David’s discussion of this phenomenon and see his steps on how to bridge the divides between customers, business, culture, engineering, and technology.

You’ll find the answer to the question, “How can we look beyond digital, embrace the greater scope, and bridge the divides to transform our approaches and deliver success in the digital age?”

Head over to the Videos to watch this and other presentations. Come back for the next installment in this series. I know you’ll enjoy them all!