This presentation provides a great perspective on PLE and the business focus. Watch Michelle Boucher’s presentation on Why Should Business Leaders Care about PLE?. Michelle is the VP of Research for Engineering Practices at Tech-Clarity, an independent research and analyst firm. Michelle has spent over 20 years in various roles in engineering, marketing, management, and as an analyst. She has benchmarked over 7000 product development professionals and published over 90 reports on product development best practices. She focuses on helping companies manage the complexity of today’s products, markets, design environments, and value chains to achieve higher profitability.

So why should business leaders care about PLE? As products continue to grow in complexity, engineering jobs will only get harder. Digital transformation can help, and for many companies, this last year has dramatically accelerated adoption. With this growing adoption, what steps should you take to ensure you don’t fall behind your competition? How does PLE fit into the digital transformation vision? How does it impact the business? Michelle provides us with a perspective on the New Digital Age from the outside of any project, organization, practice, or approach.

  • Business disruption and risks due to technology have accelerate significantly in the last 5 years
  • Globalization, digitalization, and rapid technology change makes it harder for companies to stay competitive, as viewed by decreased longevity on the S&P 500
  • COVID-19 has dramatically accelerated the need and execution of digitalization
  • In organizations that aren’t keeping pace with digitalization, engineers spend more time on low value work rather than high value innovation
  • The top driver of operational complexity in complex engineering organizations, as identified by surveys of hundreds of business leaders, is the number of product and system configurations engineered, manufactured, deployed, and sustained.

This last bullet is a strong validation of what many of us in the PLE and Digital Engineering fields sensed to be true, and yet was still a surprise to see as the first bullet on a slide about sources of complexity. It explains why there was so much enthusiasm and participation by so many industry leaders around the core topics of Momentum 2021 — PLE in the New Digital Age.

Find out  how PLE impacts your business and fits in to your digital transformation. Watch this presentation now.