This presentation of INCOSE PLE International Working Group Perspectives on Modern Feature-based PLE, highlights the need for system family engineering within many facets of traditional systems engineering. It explores some of the common problems that Feature-based PLE can solve and how PLE relates to other digital engineering practices being adopted in industry. Rowland Darbin is Chair of the INCOSE PLE International Working Group. He has been with General Dynamics Mission Systems for 17 years and currently leads the Product Line Engineering (PLE) Center of Excellence, facilitating the adoption of PLE factory principals across project teams.

Good ideas don’t just self-sell. It turns out that if you build it, they probably won’t come, because they’re too busy. This is where organizations like INCOSE step in, to serve as clearinghouses, advocates, and enablers for the best ideas to take root and take off. INCOSE’s PLE working group, is one of INCOSE’s most productive and most lauded of its 50 or so working groups, and listening to Rowland’s dynamic talk, you’ll easily understand why. Particularly notable in this talk is Rowland’s tour de force opening explanation of why first-generation copy-based or technically siloed approaches to PLE are not, and never were, sufficient to solve complex full-lifecycle-spectrum variation management. Momentum talks have provided a wide range of perspectives on PLE and digital engineering, and this one fills in a key area: How the systems engineering community is adding its full-throated support to these critical disciplines.

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